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MD Paper Notebooks B6 Slim
MD Paper Notebooks B6 Slim
MD Paper Notebooks B6 Slim
MD Paper Notebooks B6 Slim

MD Paper Notebooks B6 Slim


Made in Japan, this simple notebook was designed to create an enjoyable writing experience.

Here at Hidden Planet, we use these notebooks for writing and sketching where a finer grade of paper is called for. The slim B6 format is perfect for slipping into a pocket for sketching / note taking on the go and pairs wonderfully with our Traveller's company pens.

The high-quality Midori Diary (MD) paper inside was developed in 1960 and has been continuously improved on ever since.

Midori has conducted many tests using a variety of writing instruments to inspect the paper quality, including observing whether the ink feathers or bleeds, how it dries, how well the pen tips glide across the surface, how the paper feels to the touch, and so on.

As a result, the paper is bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain-pen friendly, giving the user a pleasant writing experience. 

The notebook has a sturdy thread binding that lies flat when open, making it easy to write. It also comes with a red ribbon marker to keep your place. The cover is not a typical notebook cover.

To feature the charm of the paper itself, the cloth tape used to bind the spine, usually hidden by a cover, is exposed, giving the notebook a unique look. You can even see where the white ribbon marker is glued in place.

The notebook also comes with sticker labels that can be used to label the notebook.

Size: H17.6 × W110 × D10 cm

Paper Size: B6 slim

Sheet: Plain / Blank Paper

Number of Sheets: 88 - 176 Pages