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Daytime bioactive Terrarium Workshop 25cm

Daytime bioactive Terrarium Workshop 25cm


Daytime Bioactive Terrarium Workshop


A longer (2 hour) workshop with a larger vessel and additional plant options.
This approximately 2 hour workshop consists of an explanation and demonstration of how to make a bioactive terrarium after which we'll help you make the one you'll take home.

We provide all the glassware and other materials including a basic selection of plants including mosses & fittonias and small ferns as well as 1 drink - tea, coffee, wine / beer / soft drink.

Additional drinks will be available for purchase and the shop itself is also open to browse.

What will you be learning?

We start with an explanation of how terrariums work, a demonstration of how to make one and a brief history and ecology lesson on how to maintain them.

We'll then help you put design and assemble your own 25m terrarium complete with a selection of small plants and mosses, hardscape and microfauna.

You will be working with plants, soil & tiny creatures including isopods and springtails so be prepared to get your hands dirty.

By the the end of the class you will have gained new skills, the confidence to be able to take on any new terrarium project and will have a tiny world to take away with you.