African Lion - Panthera leo
African Lion - Panthera leo

African Lion - Panthera leo

The African Lion is rightfully known as the King of the Beasts, with the largest recorded Male weighing a massive 827 pounds, that's 375kg but they're only the second largest member of the cat family...

Lions are ambush hunters preferring grassland or open woodlands where they can more easily hunt their prey, but they can live in most African habitats apart from rainforests and deserts.

Lions live and hunt together in groups called prides made up one or more related adult males, females and their cubs and are the only cats that live together like this although cheetahs will sometimes group together.


Where are the largest African Lions found?
What is a Male Lion's Mane for?
In a Pride of Lions, who does most of the hunting?
How far away can a Lion's roar be heard?
If the Lion is the second biggest cat... what is the biggest?

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