Clouded Leopard - Neofelis nebulosa
Clouded Leopard - Neofelis nebulosa

Clouded Leopard - Neofelis nebulosa

The Clouded Leopard is the smallest 'Big Cat' and one of the most elusive.

These secretive, nocturnal hunters are found in forests throughout Southeast Asia, although they are considered vulnerable due to poaching & habitat fragmentation.

Clouded Leopards have short limbs compared to the other big cats and their back legs are longer than their front ones giving them increased jumping and leaping capabilities.

Their Canine teeth are incredibly long, especially the upper ones. In fact they have the largest canines in proportion to body size of any Cat leading to the clouded leopard being referred to as a "modern-day sabre-tooth"


- What do Clouded Leopards Prey upon?
- Other than camouflage, what other adaptations do they have for a life in the trees?
- How many Subspecies of Clouded Leopard are there?
- How far can a clouded leopard jump?

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