African Painted Wolf
African Painted Wolf

African Painted Wolf

The African Painted Wolf Also known as a Wild or Painted Dog is a species of Canine native to Sub Saharan Africa (The area of Africa south of the Sahara Desert) Once widespread, they are now endangered.

Painted Wolves stand between 60 and 75 centimeters tall (a little taller than a labrador or golden retriever) and live in packs of between 2 and 30 adults and pups.

Despite their name, Painted Wolves are not actually directly related to either Wolves or Dogs but instead are the only living members of an older family (genus) called Lycaon.

Painted wolves, are highly specialised hunters, Unlike others in the canine family, they are missing the first toe on their forefeet which helps them maintain a swift pace when chasing down prey such as antelope.

They also have different teeth to most other canines, teeth which are specialised to cut their food faster and allow them to eat quicker... an important adaptation for a predator which shares it's home with Hyenas, Lions, Cheetahs & Leopards.

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