Greater Rhea - Rhea americana
Greater Rhea - Rhea americana

Greater Rhea - Rhea americana

The two species of Rhea are both native to South America where they inhabits a variety of open habitats including grasslands and savanna. Rheas are omnivores who feed on a wide variety of things including leaves, seeds & fruit as well as insects, small mammals & reptiles and even small birds.

The Greater Rhea is the largest bird in South America, weighing as much as 30kg, which makes it one of the smaller Ratites but still big for a bird.

- Rheas are native to South America but there is another population of them somewhere else... where is it and how did it start?
- Who incubates the eggs, the male or the female.
- What preys upon the Rhea?

Things to consider colouring your Ostrich

You'll need black, grey, browns & pinks to colour this bird

Start light and build the colour up, if you start too dark too soon, you can't add any more.

Practise mixing your colours on a separate sheet of paper first so that you know what to expect when you move to colouring the real thing.

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