Ground Pangolin

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An illustration of Temminck's Ground Pangolin.
These brilliant, beautiful and wonderfully weird animals are the world’s most trafficked mammal.

All 8 species are listed as endangered, some critically so.

It's estimated that on average, more than 400 are killed by poachers each and every day... and why? Because their scales and meat are used in traditional Chinese medicine... scales which are made of keratin, the same stuff as your fingernails.

100% of the profit from the sale of both my pangolin print and card is donated to support pangolin conservation projects in Namibia and South Africa.

A beautiful, open editon, Giclee print of an original Ben Rothery Illustration. All prints are printed with archival inks on 310gsm, 100% Cotton Rag, German Etching Paper. We’ve chosen this process and paper stock as it allows us to get as close as possible to the look and feel of the original artwork. Supplied unmounted, the prints come individually packed in a clear plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing.